تنسی | TANSY|

تنسی یک پیشگیری از بارداری ناخواسته اورژانسی از یک پروژسترون مصنوعی به نام لوونورژسترل (۱٫۵ میلی گرم لوونورژسترل حاوی یک قرص و ۰٫۷۵ میلی گرم لوورنژوره استلر حاوی دو قرص) ساخته شده است. Tansy برای اولین بار تحت مجوز CHEMO شرکت در شرکت داروسازی بین المللی Atipharmed ایران تولید می شود.


First hormonal pharmaceutical company in Iran that has been received GMP license.

produced by transferring European technology and based on the highest international standards, which ensures its effectiveness and safety.

Exclusively packaged by the best blister technology

Mechanism of action:

ovulation inhibition.

changes in the cervical mucus that inhibit sperm penetration.

effects on the endometrium that affect implantation.



Emergency contraception, if:


contraceptive methods are not used during intercourse

Prevention methods are not used properly


Tansy should be taken according to the order of the doctor or pharmacist. If unprotected intercourse is less than 12 hours, you should receive a 0.75 mg tablet and then receive the next 0.75 mg tablet 12 hours later with water, but if unprotected intercourse occur more than 12 hours, you can take both 0.75mg tablet at the same time or take one 1.5 mg tansy with water. During breastfeeding, the medicine should be given immediately after milking. The milk is then taken and thrown away for 6 hours by the breast pump.



history of thrombosis

active acute porphyria

current severe liver disease

focal migraine at the time of presentation


قیمت مصرف کننده : حدود 7 تا 10 هزار تومان

استعلام موجودی : 77571977-021  داروخانه دکتر خورشیدزاده

فروش فقط به صورت حضوری و با ارائه نسخه و در داروخانه میسر می باشد.